Friday, March 31, 2006


Another beautiful and sunny day!

It is another beautiful day down here in sunny Florida!. I wish th efolks up north would get some warmth from down here today!

Monday, March 27, 2006


US Census Press Releases

US Census Press Releases: "Florida�s Flagler County Fastest-Growing Once Again

Flagler County in Florida, located along the Atlantic Coast between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, was the fastest-growing county for the second year in a row with a 10.7 percent population increase from July 1, 2004, to July 1, 2005, according to estimates released today by the U.S. Census Bureau. Flagler, with 76,410 residents, also led the nation with a 53 percent population increase since Census 2000.
According to the estimates, all but one of the top-10 fastest-growing counties between 2004 and 2005 are located in either the South or the West, with Lyon, Nev. (near Carson City), ranking second at 9.6 percent; Kendall, Ill. (in the Chicago area), third at 9.4 percent; Rockwall, Texas (near Dallas), fourth; Washington, Utah (the lone county in the St. George metro area), fifth; Nye, another Nevada county, sixth at 7.4 percent; and Pinal, Ariz. (near Phoenix), seventh at 6.9 percent.
Rounding out the top 10 were three counties in Virginia: Loudoun, near Washington, D.C., ranked eighth with a population increase of 6.8 percent; King George, ninth with 6.7 percent; and Caroline (near Richmond) 10th at 6.5 percent. Another Chicago-area county � Grundy, Ill., just missed the top 10, ranking 11th. (See Table 1. Excel | PDF)
Rank*10 Fastest-Growing
U.S. Counties
2004-2005Percent ChangeRank*10 Slowest-Growing U.S. Counties

1Flagler, Fla.10.7%1Chattahoochee, Ga.-6.2%
2Lyon, Nev.9.6%2Liberty, Ga.-4.9%
3Kendall, Ill.9.4%3Lampasas, Texas-4.7%
4Rockwall, Texas7.74%4Washington, Ga.-4.3%
5Washington, Utah7.66%5Norfolk (city), Va.-2"

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Suggested by a friend...

It is beneficial to the body and th mind, to spend some time bathing and basking in the sun... In Full Spectrum Sunlight and Inner Health, Mr Ott, confirms the fact that the sun is beneficial to all species, including humans...

Ott made a valid point when wrote in his last book, Light, Radiation and You: How to Stay Healthy , "Mankind adapted to the full range of the solar spectrum, and artificial distortions of that spectrum - malillumination, a condition analogous to malnutrition - may have biologic effects". (1) In an interview published in 1991, he noted: "There are neurochemical channels from the retina to the pineal and pituitary glands, the master glands of the whole endocrine system that controls the production and release of hormones. This regulates your body chemistry and its growth, all organs of your body, including your brain, and how they function". (2)

Nature designed us so that the tanning pigment, melanin, in our skin was the right shade to protect us from the sunlight: black in equatorial regions, gradually getting lighter in colour as we get further from the equator and the strength of the sun diminishes. Our skin is designed specifically for the latitude at which we have evolved.

The same is true of our eyes - the different colour irises are the most obvious feature. Again they are black at the equator and pale blue in Scandinavia. In other words, we do not need the 'protection' afforded by sunglasses, we need the sunlight that we have evolved in.

there has been also much talk that prolonged exposure to the sun is conducive to cancer...

Mr Ott states...
Despite what we are led to believe about sunlight, cancers don't seem to survive for long in it. In one experiment, a tumour-susceptible strain of mice lived more than twice as long under full-spectrum light as they did under standard lighting, and rats exposed to full-spectrum light had significantly lessened tumour development. (5) Six major medical centres confirmed these findings . (6)

Mr Ott's my words...Bask in th Sun!


Because of the lack of clinical studies, all the above cases are regarded as being merely anecdotal. However, there are so many examples of the benefits of ultraviolet light through the eyes, that we would be foolish to disregard them. Our irrational fear of ultraviolet light may well do us far more harm than good.

Under these circumstances, it might be a good idea to wear prescription glasses made of material that does not cut out ultraviolet light, and wear sunglasses which have a neutral grey shade to reduce the amount of light across the whole spectrum equally.

Note: the sign UV400 on sunglasses means that they cut out all wavelengths shorter than 400 nm, but for our health we really need to allow UV down to 315 nm.

Monday, February 20, 2006



Feeling melancholic about life and living...
I can't wait till the next wave comes and takes me back to the Ocean of the livin'
I feel as though I can't remain afloat...
for longer than a gasp.
The scenery is beautiful: sun, sand, sea, seagulls, surf...

I can't wait...

© EF2006

Monday, November 21, 2005


el test

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Sunday, November 13, 2005




Gratitude to Mother Earth, sailing through night and day--
and to her soil: rich, rare, and sweet
in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Plants, the sun-facing light-changing leaf
and fine root-hairs; standing still through wind
and rain; their dance is in the flowing spiral grain
in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Air, bearing the soaring Swift and the silent
Owl at dawn. Breath of our song
clear spirit breeze
in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Wild Beings, our brothers, teaching secrets,
freedoms and ways; who share with us their milk;
self-complete, brave, and aware
in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to Water: clouds, lakes rivers, glaciers;
holding or releasing; streaming through all
our bodies salty seas
in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to the Sun: blinding pulsing light through
trunks of trees, through mists, warming caves where
bears and snakes sleep--he who wakes us--
in our minds so be it.

Gratitude to the Great Sky
who holds billions of stars--and goes yet beyond that--
beyond all powers, and thoughts
and yet is within us--
Grandfather Space.
The Mind is his Wife

so be it.

after a Mohawk prayer

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Sunday, October 02, 2005


BeachBlog is born!

Beach Blog is born. I pray that this blog will be a blessing, not only to me and my family, but to all who stop by and visit...
Out of necessity, comes inspiration, from the depths of the sea, the light of the sun and the warmth of the sand...

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